Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hello, all!
I haven't posted in a bit because I got a new car! New to me, anyway. When I took it in for new tires it turns out there was some other work that needed to be done on the hubs. and of course when I got it home I had to do an oil change. My Honda needed some TLC as well that week so all in all its just been too crazy for kimono. Not to mention going to El Paso for cosplay purposes. Yeah, so busy!

But that doesn't mean I haven't been getting packages...

I start tea ceremony lessons in Santa Fe in May. I've been really excited about it and the instructor said that I can wear kimono! So my new Iromuji finally came in...

It's a really nice shade of blue green. A little darker than I expected, but I actually love it. plus the wingspan is almost right!

I also got a great Nagoya obi to go with it:

I don't have very good light I know and potato but I love the coordination. I've got a blue green obijime and obiage to boot. It's going to be a great coordination. 

I've got several more packages coming from Shinei and one of them is a ro taisho Roman kimono that supposedly fits me... we shall see. but in case it's a good one, here is the obi to go with it:

It's a polyester sha hakata obi from Ichiroya. I Was really thinking about not buying it because polyester but whatever. It's pretty, I think it's versatile and I like it. Bought!

And lastly, I do need more around town kimono for kimono Sunday so here is my hitoe polyester piece (I know, I know) with flowers:

I need at least one kimono that I can eat barbecue in! Haha!

Lastly here is the hanhaba I ordered to go with the two yukata I'm making:

Have a good weekend!

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